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MUSIC/AUDIO | Catalog of MX-80 Music and Audio
Any of these recordings not available on commercial CD are available here as home grown CD-R. Contact Quadruped.

MX-80 We're An American Band

MX-80 "We’re An American Band" 2005 – 13 cut CD - Family Vineyard

Inexplicable marriage of feeling one's way along the walls with cutting edge technology. You take the high tech - I'll take the low tech.
....Anderson, Hrabiten, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim, Weinstein

MX-80 Out Of Control

MX-80 "OUT OF CONTROL" 1993 - double album CD - Quadruped

Includes both "Out of the Tunnel" and "Crowd Control," plus 2 bonus cuts: "White Night" & "Halloween." Re-re-remastered for CD.
...Anderson, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim

MX-800 So Clear

MX-80 "So Clear/Lights Out" 2002 - clear vinyl 7" - Family Vineyard

The “so lucid you can see through it” single from "We’re An American Band" CD
...Anderson, Hrabiten, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim, Weinstein

MX-80 Crowd Control

MX-80 Out of print - Dale will send details

MX-80 Always Leave Them Wanting Less

MX-80 "Always Leave 'em Wanting Less" 1997 - 14 song CD - Quadruped

Live in Chicago from The Empty Bottle and Northwestern University and San Francisco from Bottom of the Hill.
Lots of beefy guitars and the stunning introduction of "Black Feldman."
...Anderson, Hrabiten, Sophiea, Stim, Weinstein

MX-80 Out Of The Tunnel

MX-80 Out of print - Dale will send details

MX-*) I've Seen Enough

MX-80 "I've Seen Enough" 1995 - 14 song CD - Quadruped

"MX's 'White Album'" - Jed Leland, Swing Magazine. Co-produced and engineered with Sophiea by the legendary David Immergluck.
...Bruce Anderson, Dale Sophiea, Rich Stim, Marc Weinstein

MX-80 Hard Attack LP

MX-80 Out of print - Dale will send details

MX-80 Live at The Heinz

MX-80 "LIVE AT THE HEINZ AFTERWORLD LOUNGE" 1993 - cd-r - Quadruped

4-track live recording of a good show  (4/10/92) at a great club, mixed to DAT. R.I.P.  Heinz.
...Anderson, Sophiea, Stim. Weinstein

MX-80 Live At The Library

MX-80 “Live At The Library” Recorded in 1977, 1978 – released 2002 – 20 song CD – Gulcher

Live at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana. If you like it so rare it’s raw. Anderson just sears it on both sides and throws it on your plate. Accompanied by a vintage and very dry Stim. “If animal rights activists aren’t already outraged by “Kill That Dog, they very well should be. – Jed Leland, Switch Magazine
… Anderson, Armour, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim

MX-80 Das Love Boat

MX-80 "Das Love Boat" 1990  - 11 song CD - Quadruped

The first band  to use a warning sticker on an instrumental recording: !!!WARNING!!! - Although this MX-80 CD contains no lyrics, it may be offensive to some listeners. You can't be too safe.
...Anderson, Armour, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim, Kevin Teare, Weinstein, & S.C. Norman

MX-80 Existntial Lover

MX-80 "Existential Lover" 1987 - 11 song cd-r - Quadruped

The boys hop in their Bronte-mobile and travel to the land of the obsessed.
...Anderson, Sophiea, Stim, &  Norman

MX-80 "15 Laffs" b/w "Little Pony" 1991 - 7" single - Forced Exposure Records Ltd. edition

MX-80 O-Type

MX-80 "O-Type" the original 1980, 7" movie soundtrack EP - Ralph/Quadruped, limited quantity

...Anderson, Mahoney, Sophiea, Stim

MX-80 Surfin Pope

MX-80 "Surfin' Pope X" with cuts by Ween, Dose, and Treepeople 1990? - 7" ep - C/Z Records

Teriyaki Asthma Volume III Limited edition. Rare

MX-80 Big Hits 7 inch MX-80 Out of print -Dale will send details
MX80 Have Another Drink

MX-80 Out of print - Dale will send details