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Brutality CD


11 cut CD available from Quadruped for $12

Includes remastered versions of all six cassette releases + 5 new cuts.

...Bruce Anderson, solo guitar – samples & production by Sophiea.

Guitarist Bruce Anderson, a founder of MX-80 Sound and more recently a member of that band's O-Type and Gizzards offshoots with Brutality producer Dale Sophiea, truly brings the noise on his full-length 1995 album, a compilation of the two solo cassettes plus ten minutes' worth of nation-named tracks ("Lebanon" and "Greece," which diverge from the remainder by having Sophiea's bass and sample contributions) from a 1986 O-Type release. Half the places visited on Brutality are wordless layered 4-track guitar cacophonies — impressive in their density but not good for much beyond emergency lease-breaking campaigns. The remaining spots on this obscure self-indulgence are spare one-or-two-guitar improvisations that sometimes incorporate Frippertronic sustain melodies but rarely surpass the imaginative structure level of random warm-up exercises.

Anderson's solo tapes are essential for those with a passion for volume-intensive but fluid guitar improv; imagine a cross between Sonny Sharrock and a bad-mood Robert Fripp. The first tape borrows a few MX-80 themes, but expands on them enough that you'll barely notice. Israel: Palestine is a touch harsher and more claustrophobic in tone. Bracing stuff. [Robert Payes/David Sprague]

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